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About Me: Four Movies

Today I saw a tweet that asked people to share the five movies to watch to get to know you. Of course I'm a sucker for those kinds of tweets so I immediately responded with mine, but I only have four:

Legally BlondeLegally Blonde 2: Red, White, and BlondeWhen Harry Met SallyShrek I'll be the first to admit that they look pretty silly in that list--Shrek is truly a wild card in a sea of what most people would call chick flicky romcoms. But honestly, each of these movies really did teach me things about myself and can tell you so many things about me.
Legally Blonde is probably the movie that actually did make me want to go to law school. If you ask my parents they'll probably say that they always knew I was going to be a lawyer because I argue so much and turn everything into a debate. But I didn't know I wanted to go to law school until halfway through college. And watching Legally Blonde an absurd number of times likely helped me make that decision because it reassured…

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