Gal Meets Glam Dresses

I love dresses. As I've said before, they're my favorite outfit because they're easy to throw on and immediately look and feel put together and ready to go. So last year when my favorite blogger, Julia Engle of Gal Meets Glam, announced that she had made her own collection of dresses, I was so excited. I love Julia's style, which is simultaneously classic, fun, and polished, all while making it look effortless. It's pretty much what I would like my style to be once I actually change out of my athleisure clothes for puppy training.

The Gal Meets Glam Collection has given me all my new favorite dresses. They're priced a bit higher than most everyday dresses, but I think they're worth the investment since the dresses are extremely well made and all classic designs that won't go out of style in a season. Also I'm pretty sure they all have pockets (at least the four I own all do) which is a giant plus! Each month a new collection is released and those dresses are only available until they sell out! This is lowkey a huge bummer for me because it makes it difficult to share my favorite dresses from previous months with all of you, but it's also kind of cool because it makes you feel like you have a one-of-a-kind dress, even if you don't. Plus, she's started bringing back designs from previous months in new colors and prints, so if you missed a dress you just have to have it might not be too late!

Some of my favorite dresses that I own (or am coveting):

The Vanessa linen dress was the first dress I bought from the collection. It was available in a beautiful yellow color last summer and I stared at it for weeks before I finally bought it and wow was it worth it. The buttons on the front are real so you can decide to make the front slit as long or nonexistent as you want. Plus the linen is just perfect for DC summers when it's hot and humid and so gross.

The second dress I bought is no longer available since it was a fall collection dress but I'm hoping she'll bring it back next fall because it's to perfect. It's a corduroy minidress with fake buttons up the front and a scalloped hem in a dark green color. It looks perfect with booties and with OTK boots so you know it's a solid fall/winter dress.

Last month I bought two dresses from the collection and I'm obsessed with them both. I have this pink Kathleen dress that is gorgeous. The buttons are real which makes it fit a little differently than some of the other dresses but the cut is so fun! I'm looking forward to wearing this all spring and summer--the fabric is a bit heavier so it probably won't be in heavy rotation during the grossest part of summer, but if I lived back on the west coast I would definitely still wear it all summer. It's cute and comfortable and flirty while still being professional enough to wear to work functions so that's a win.

I also snagged this windowpane print Dawn dress. It's a similar shape to the Kathleen dress, but with bigger puff sleeves and the buttons on this one are just for show--there's a zipper up the back. It's also a heavier fabric like the Kathleen dress so same as above. I'm so into this dress and the white color makes me want to take engagement photos in it--if I ever get around to actually doing that.

As for the new dresses this month, I (of course) have my eye on two that look amazing. (Let's be honest the entire collection always looks amazing, but I always find myself drawn to two or three.) The GMG team brought back last year's Courtney dress in a new pink color that I love. Of course I love it because it's pink and pink makes everything better. I also keep coming back to the Chassity dress. The breezy silhouette seems like it would be absolutely perfect for hot summer days in DC and the little flutter sleeves are so so cute.

The collection is available from the GMG Collection website (and their shipping is so so fast and the packaging so cute), Nordstrom (my unabashed favorite place to shop, the customer service is unmatched), and a bunch of other stores. The dresses are also available in sized 00-20 and petite sizes so I'm glad it's not a collection that stops at size 10.

I know this kind of reads like one of those fashion blogger's sponsored posts but I swear I'm not trying to make a sales pitch I'm just seriously obsessed with these dresses. I feel great every time I wear one and they're so comfortable it can't really be beat!