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I don't actually know how many people read blogs every day but it has to be a substantial number given just how much money I know the blogging industry brings in. My wild assumption (based only on my experiences and what I've talked to my friends about) is that millennials are the ones reading blogs the most, but I know for a fact that not all of you reading this are millennials. (Mostly because if you're reading this odds are I know you in real life as well.) Part of what inspired me to start blogging--other than to give myself more structure and inspiration during unemployment--was how much I love the few blogs that I read regularly.

Part of my morning routine involves reading my three favorite blogs. Two of these bloggers post (almost) every day, which I know must be a lot of work, but also makes me very happy as a reader. The third blogger posts less regularly, but her posts are more relevant to my life, so I'm always excited to see a new post. The three blogs are all pretty different and all written by people at different stages in their lives, but there's one main thread in common: they're written by women. Women who write in a way that makes me want to be their friend. And that's how I aim to write this blog too.

In no particular order, here are the blogs I check and read regularly:

  • Carly the Prepster (Formerly The College Prepseter)
    • Carly's blog is the very first that I read and I've read it pretty much every day since I discovered it. Her style is definitely preppier than mine (hence the title of her blog), but I love her style and her honest approach to blogging. She shares so much of her life with her readers--from navigating relationships to moving to new cities to embarking on a fitness journey--and does it in a way that makes you feel like you're a friend along for the ride.
  • Gal Meets Glam
    •  Gal Meets Glam is written by Julia and her husband Thomas. I discovered their blog through Instagram because they were living in my very favorite city at the time--San Francisco--and would post gorgeous pictures of the city. I love Julia's style and was so excited when she launched the Gal Meets Glam Collection. I still love her blog even now that she's moved to Charleston and has a less west coast focused blog. Her blog includes travel and home styling tips that make me want to live my very best life. It's definitely on the more aspirational side of blogs for me, but I still love it.
  • Libby Living Colorfully
    • Libby is a DC-based blogger who blogs about style, skincare, and DC-specific topics. Her blog has led me to discover my favorite antique shops, amazing restaurants, and has generally inspired me to bring more color into my life. She also is friends with an amazing interior designer and their friendship makes me want to bring more creative people into my life (and make enough money to hire an interior designer who can fill my home with color and sparkles without it looking like a five year old decorated it).
Are there blogs that you read every day that I should add to my list (other than this amazing blog you're currently reading)?



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