The Lounge

If you've been reading my blog for a bit or have ever talked to me in real life, you've probably heard me talk about how much I love the Girl's Night In Newsletter and site. A few months ago, much to my delight, I got an email from them saying they were starting to test a real life organization to bring together newsletter readers! So of course I jumped at the chance to join ~The Lounge.~

The Lounge is a membership organization that basically expands on the GNI book clubs. Members can attend gatherings hosted by other members, attend community gatherings, apply to be a host themselves, and get other (definitely great) perks! The entire organization is based on the idea that true self care involves community care, and encourages women to host cozy gatherings in their homes--basically hosting a girl's night in for other members.

I'm sure none of you are shocked that I immediately applied to be a host so that I could invite other like-minded women into my home and make new friends (btw this is basically number two on my advice on how to make friends as an adult). So far I've planned or hosted a few different types of gatherings: a Korean sheet mask night, a hot chocolate bar and holiday movie party, a spiked seltzer taste test, and so many more ideas. These gatherings are pretty small (fewer than ten people) and have been so much fun. It's been so nice to meet new friends who also enjoy relaxing and staying in for a quiet night.

I've also had the opportunity to attend other gatherings: both hosted by other members and hosted by the GNI team (community events). I've attended book clubs and water coloring parties, and a cozy holiday dinner. Each event I've been to has clearly been created and hosted with love and with a focus on relaxation and books(!) and good food and creating a caring community. Seriously, there are few groups I've joined where I've immediately felt so at home and included and it's been a great space during such a busy season.

If you have the opportunity to join the Lounge when it expands to your city, I cannot recommend it enough. (Also if you like perks like gift bags, Book of the Month books and subscriptions, and discounts at local cozy establishments--join immediately!) And finally, a huge shoutout to the Girl's Night In team for creating such a wonderful and welcoming community.