2020 Goals

Hey all! Welcome to 2020! As I've done for the past few years, I spent the first few days of this new year laying out my bullet journal and writing out my goals for the coming year. (I'll give a full update on how I did with my 2019 goals soon.) Some of these goals are consistent with last year's goals, some build on previous goals, and some are brand new. Without further ado, here's my list of goals for 2020:

  • read 100 books
  • reach 300 spin classes (not 300 this year, but bring my "lifetime total" to 300)
  • bimonthly date night
  • monthly budgeting
  • monthly wine club
  • start wedding planning (for real this time)
  • plan out my blog posts and get on a regular schedule
  • weekly face masks
  • wear sunscreen (I know, I know)
  • eliminate clutter (in my apartment, digital clutter, and in my life)
  • do another training class with Scout
  • bring my lunch to work consistently
As I mentioned, some of these are the same goals as last year (wine club, reading goals) and some build on last year (spin class goal, eliminate clutter). Some of these I modified from last year because I wasn't able to meet them in 2019 and so I'm trying again with a more reasonable, achievable goal. 

For example, last year one of my goals was to have a date night every week. This actually went really well for the first few months, but then work started to really pick up, Brandon started travelling more for work, and we got a puppy. All good things, but all things that made it hard to carve out a time to go on a date each week. So. I'm modifying the goal to be every other week. I think this way I don't feel pressured to check off a box and can focus more on the intent of the goal: spending quality time together not thinking about other things.

In addition to these goals, I like to come up with a few words to focus on during the year. Last year my word was Abundance. This year my words are Connection and Commitment. I like these words because they are big enough to encompass all my hopes for this year but not too big that they feel intimidating or too focused on one thing. I'm going to try to hold these in my mind as I move through the year.

I'm sure that as I continue to reflect on my 2019 and how I want 2020 to look I'll find more goals to add to my list and I'll keep you all updated on those as well.



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